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Got a call 50mins after we ordered pizza asking us when we are picking up our pizza!!! We had paid for delivery, they seemed to have no idea!! NOw the said after much confusion it will be to us in 5mins, so we get the cold pizza that has been sitti...
April (12h 20m ago)
Best pizza in Singapore
Davina (11h 39m ago)
Guys...There is a fly buzzing around the food preparation area now. I told the lady at the counter. She said "yeah...yeah...yeah...". Please do something!!! (11.57AM. 14 October, 2016. FRIDAY).
Uriella (19h 58m ago)
A few days ago I was waiting for 50 minutes (for a take away Pizza!) and today I thought I will give them a 2nd chance and I will order online at 11:30. When I went to pick up the Pizza (40 min. later) and they told me the order was not received, the...
Georgios (18h 57m ago)
I arrived at 10:58am today and ordered to beat the rush, I paid and you had no customers aside from me, you had four people in the kitchen. Why on earth did it take till 11:06 before somebody even started to prepare the pizza, in the space of 8minut...
K (20h 39m ago)
To improve efficiency, the pizza or pasta should be tag according to order no, that will save time for helpers to allocate food to order chit. The making of pizza is fast, the omly thing lack is the pizza does not have any tag thus make it difficult ...
Michelle (18h 4m ago)
I think the place is not ready to manage the demands for the lunch hour, staff were telling customers to wait 40 minutes during the lunch hour for their pizzas. Pizzas were ready but sitting on top of the oven for another 10-15minutes before they buz...
Melanie (18h 48m ago)
I believe they are new n workers r not ready yet to meet the crazy lunch crowd. Give them a bit of time n some fine tunning. Everyone has a first. Be nice to others.
Michelle (19h 56m ago)
I ordered online, when I went to pick up, the order was not received. I had to wait another 15 mins. When I got back I realised my order was wrong and all the meat toppings were missing. Very disappointing experience.
Melissa (15h 16m ago)
We ordered pizza, the wait was 40 minutes and we were getting takewaway. I shudder to think what the delivery waiting time would have been.
Michael (19h 13m ago)